"Broken Bow" - "Enterprise" series premiere
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The episode:
This was an excellent pilot episode; perhaps the best pilot so far. It kept me interested throughout and it had the feel of a movie. I enjoyed the special f/x as well. They aren't afraid to get graphic. Dr. Phlox showing Archer the insides of the Suliban wasn't toned down, great stuff. Also the scene with the "grappler" grabbing the Suliban ship was cool.

It doesn't look like they are going to be prudish either with this show. The scene where T'Pol and Tucker spread decontamination gel on each other was fun to watch. Nothing too adult but enough sexiness to add a nice element sorely lacking in its predecessor. And for once we saw a "male" character with a great bod without his uniform for a decent length of time........heh. Plenty of eye-candy for the gents and the ladies....woohoo.

The sight of the chameleon-like Suliban squishing under the door at the beginning of the episode was neat looking. I wish they hadn't revealed so much about the Suliban in a way. They seemed so alien at first but when Archer is confronted by a Suliban in the time-distortion room the alien seems awfully human. Also the scenes with the Suliban interrogating Klaang were too typical. The Suliban speaks Klingon and then English. Why bother speaking Klingon?

It's great to be back in the Alpha quadrant. I love the style of the how; not too advanced (i.e., levers, steering-wheel, the need to push a button to open a door, a ship's galley and chef, phase-pistols). I loved the look on Archer's face after he was transported. He seemed so shocked...heh. The temporal cold war plot is engaging. I hope they follow through with this now and don't resolve it too quickly.

The music was good but as with the last episodes of Voyager there seems to be too much of it. The theme is especially poignant at this time what with the WTC tragedy and I liked it. It's new and refreshing. I enjoyed the intro very much although the ending credits music seems rather dull.

I also liked the neat tip of the hat to TOS by naming the Admirals "Forrest, Williams and Leonard" after Kirk (William Shatner), Spock (Leonard Nimoy) and McCoy (DeForest Kelley).

UPN took a number 2 spot Wednesday night with excellent ratings of 9.1. Will people continue to watch? I certainly will. I can't wait for next week's installment. I think were in for some great Trek!

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