"Fight or Flight"
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Porthos cocking his head and asking for more cheese was just plain endearing and adds a pleasant human touch to the show. Dr. Phlox thinks that two of the crewman are initiating a mating ritual and yet as we look at them, the male crewman is staring ahead while the female is looking at something. They don't seem too interested in each other. Phlox then asks Tucker if they would allow him to watch as they mate. Tucker just smiles. Funny stuff if a bit odd.

In his logs, Archer states the date as May 6th, 2151 rather than using stardates. I thought this was interesting in that it emphasizes how Starfleet is not that advanced yet. Still, I wonder how they could have a "Starfleet" as they have only one ship?

The last scene with Sato and Sluggo were somewhat corny but did help to establish that Sato will or is adapting to being on a starship and all that entails much like she tells Sluggo she will adapt to her new environment. This was a good character growth episode as we see Sato struggling to be more capable while showing us she is very new to the experience.

I enjoyed this episode. I give it a B+.

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