"Strange New World"
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Perhaps one of the best lines of the show and the biggest understatement of all was T'Pol's: "I've learned a great deal about human behavior. Under stress you become volatile. You're a far more dangerous species than I previously believed." This reveals how the Vulcans view humans although perhaps in the back of their minds. Tucker also takes his awareness of how Vulcans have kept information from humans to the extreme believing they are trying to sabotage humankind's foray into deep space.

We get to see two new crew members: Kellie Waymire as Ensign Cutler and Henri Lubatti as Ensign Novakovich. Both are convincing as young, inexperienced crewmen. Anthony Montgomery (Ensign Mayweather) has great facial expressions and conveys very well his fear of T'Pol and the aliens. Dr. Phlox (John Billingsley), is not perfect. He knows what the spores are, tropolisine, and that they are psychotropic in nature and yet does not know that when they break down in the bloodstream they become toxic? Perhaps he is not that familiar with human physiology. Nonetheless, we see how this crew (of 82 as we find out in this episode) is inexperienced and it is indeed refreshing. I like this cast. They are all good actors and are very likable and this is so crucial to a new show. I also like that this show, so far, has been character driven with a nice blend of sci-fi and action. I have high hopes that we will get what we've missed for so long, character development.

Finally, I liked the moral of the show and the line by Trip: "Challenge your preconceptions or they'll challenge you."

I give this one a B+. The + for Trinneer's, Blalock's and Montgomery's acting.

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