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wouldn't have been as appealing although it would have made more sense. And the way that Trip gets pregnant is also nonsensical. He plays a "game" with Ah'Len where they insert their hands into telepathic granules that allows them to read each other's minds. Somehow, these granules serve as a transferal medium for the female alien's DNA to Trip. If this is the way the aliens have sex, then shouldn't she have told Trip they were about to get intimate? Nonetheless, she does seem to be surprised that Trip became pregnant as a result: "I had no idea this could happen with another species." Still, as this is a fluff episode and is not meant to be taken seriously, there's no point in trying to make such sense out of it anyway.

Trip's reaction to the news that he is pregnant was not what I expected. I somehow thought he'd react with revulsion but instead he is perplexed and annoyed. You have to feel for the guy but at the same time you feel like laughing considering the look on Trip's face. Trip doesn't want anyone to know what happened save for the Doc, Archer and T'Pol although you suspect that he would have preferred they not know either. He starts imagining that everyone on the ship knows and thinks T'Pol gossiped about it. He really doesn't know Vulcans very well does he? Connor Trinneer does a great acting job again. In last week's episode we saw his dramatic acting and here we see he can do comedy equally well.

I was waiting for some lame jokes as Trip's body adapts to the little bundle but instead we get funny interactions between Trip and the crew. In fact, the humor in this episode is again perfectly subdued and works very well. T'Pol's one liners are a hoot: "One of the first things a diplomat learns is not to stick his fingers where they don't belong." as is the Klingon's line in the alien holodeck: "I can see my house from here".

Seems to me that this crew is going to end up paranoid sooner than later considering what they've encountered so far. In the premiere they meet up with the creepy Suliban, in the second episode we have the gruesome vampire aliens although we don't get to see them, in the third they experience hallucinogenic spores on a seemingly safe Earth-like planet and finally in this ep., Trip goes where no man has gone before. Sorry, I had to throw that in.

So far this show has interesting sci-fi elements, good drama and action, fun comedy and great characters. Did I say I love this show?

I give this cute, quirky episode a B.

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