"Terra Nova"
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Story by: Rick Berman and Brannon Braga
Teleplay by: Antoinette Stella
Directed by: LeVar Burton

The Enterprise crew alters course to investigate the mystery of Terra Nova, a legendary Earth colony whose inhabitants mysteriously disappeared decades ago. But when they arrive, they confront descendents of the colonists who have become more alien than Archer could ever have imagined. ~ StarTrek.com

One of the early "rumors" about Enterprise was that the show would be more planet-based; there would be less space action and the production budget would be smaller than for previous shows. This is the second of five episodes that is set on a convenient Earth-like planet. Although we have seen some space action in previous episodes it does seem like this part of the rumor may not be too far off the mark as it appears some upcoming shows will be set on planets as well.

As to the budget, here we are in caves again and judging from the sets and special f/x so far, it does seem to me that they are spending less money on this show. These are just speculations and it is far too early yet to tell whether this rumor was/is true but it is interesting to note.

Nonetheless this may mean that we'll get more character-driven episodes and less action-oriented ones and that suits me just fine. Don't get me wrong. I like action shows and do hope to see that on Enterprise but after the dismal character development that we had on Voyager's mostly action style and being spoiled with DS9's superb characterizations, I know I prefer more of the latter. On to the episode...

Enterprise sets out to find out what happened to a human colony that stopped communicating with Earth 70 years ago. Seems that the colonists were having problems with Earth as they didn't want any more settlers to come to the planet. Unfortunately, the area where the settlers are located was hit by an asteroid as we find out later. The ensuing radiation caused a "poison rain" that killed all the adults. The children it appears could become immune to it and thus survived. This is so unbelievable unfortunately and why would they not want more people to come to, what appeared to me, to be a fairly large planet? Anyhow, the adults blamed Earth for the catastrophe thinking the asteroid was really an attack from Earth and this is the last memory that the children have of their home planet and humans. The child colonists, now all grown up with children of their own, living in caves and not looking too human assume that Archer and crew are there to "gut" them or finish the job. Sound remotely familiar?

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