"Terra Nova"
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A rehash so early on and of a fairly recent Trek episode? Voyager's "Friendship One" is practically remade here: asteroid vs probe, outside world is irradiated or damaged, inhabitants are scarred, humans are blamed, a crew member is taken hostage, a native is taken to the ship and healed, humans save the inhabitants. There's also a hint of TOS's "Miri" here (bicycle wheel, thumbleweed, ghost town) but at least there's no BONK BONK on the head as the kids are all grown up. Still we aren't spared the hackneyed stuff as the Novans' language is so silly sounding it made me wince (see Voyager's "Nemesis"). The ending is also rushed and blunt. Shades of Voyager's not so good side keep showing up on Enterprise, especially in this episode, and this bothers me a heck of a lot.

Again, as in the last of Voyager's episodes and in a previous Enterprise one, there is too much music. It seems that every movement is accompanied by it and I found this annoying at times.

We finally learn that Dr. Phlox (John Billingsley) is a "Denobulan" for what it's worth and we find out that Ensign Mayweather (Anthony Montgomery ), who seems to be Enterprise's answer to Voyager's Harry Kim, is a history buff. While "Friendship One" had a Ralph Nader message, that of our bad habit of deploying new technology without testing it properly and determining the consequences, this episode is void of any meaning.

The acting is ok, the direction is fine but we've seen it before. Not much more to say about this forgettable, predictable episode except that the pace was good and it might have been interesting if I hadn't seen it before.

I give it a D+.

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