"The Andorian Incident"
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Vulcans evolve and grow as a species as much as we will see the humans develop and create the Federation and the hallowed Prime Directive. At least I hope so.

Personally, I enjoy these "imperfect" Vulcans and particularly T'Pol (Jolene Blalock). She tries so hard to be straight-faced and yet you sense that she has quite a few emotions to restrain. Her reaction to Archer as he suggests she gets under the covers is Vulcan-ish but then she becomes very annoyed and in fact is insulted that Archer would question her loyalty and she petulantly pulls all the blankets off as she turns her back to him.

Lots of subtle humor and humorous lines in this episode:
Trip: "Okay, okay, don't get your antennas in a twist."
Trip: "Now these guys are agitated."
Archer: "So if anyone has any suggestions, I'm all ears. No offense." (To a room full of Vulcans)
Trip: "No good deed goes unpunished."

Jeffrey Combs (DS9's Weyoun and Brunt) shows again how he can stretch his acting range. He's excellent as the Andorian leader, Shran, albeit a little too exuberant at times. Seeing him again reminded me how much I miss DS9. Don't get me wrong. I love Enterprise so far with the exception of "Terra Nova" but I'd like to see more layered stories. Stories with subplots that matter and this would be a great way to develop the other characters. I'd like to see recurring characters and hope that the way this episode ended that we see Combs as Shran (I like this character) and the Andorians again. I hope we get to see arcs. In short, I hope they take the best that was DS9 and don't only do stand-alone episodes that have rushed endings and no follow ups in future episodes. In other words I hope they have great continuity in this show. I'd like to see what is happening on Earth; what is happening with the Suliban and that mysterious man from the future and I hope we see how the Vulcans are viewed by Archer and company after this episode.

Scott Bakula (Captain Archer) was excellent in this episode. I am finding his acting much improved and much more natural than in the first few episodes. Trip (Connor Trinneer) continues to be charming and has a welcome sense of humor. Dr. Phlox (John Billingsley) is, well, Dr. Phlox. Ensign Mayweather (Anthony Montgomery) is still in the background. Lt. Reed (Dominic Keating) is slowly developing into what appears to be a competent officer.

Hoshi (Linda Park) is in the background as well which brings up a nit in this episode. Why were they able to communicate so easily with the Andorians? Having established that they have no "universal" translator and how in previous episodes they had so much trouble communicating, how is it done so quickly here? Still, it would have slowed down the pace a great deal if they had had to have Hoshi translate everything but it did stand out nonetheless.

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