"Breaking the Ice"
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Story by: Maria & Andre Jacquemetton
Teleplay by: Maria & Andre Jacquemetton
Directed by: Terry Windell

Trip learns that T'Pol is transmitting secret messages to a Vulcan ship, which has been shadowing Enterprise for weeks. Meanwhile, Archer must attempt a dangerous rescue to recover two crewman stranded on a rapidly disintegrating comet. ~ StarTrek.com

Enterprise comes across a comet, larger than has ever been seen by humans and Vulcans. Archer decides to send Lt. Reed and Ensign Mayweather to drill for a rare mineral, "eisilium", that is deep inside the comet. Meanwhile, an encrypted message from a (very cool looking) Vulcan ship is sent to T'Pol's quarters. This ship and it seems others before have apparently been shadowing Enterprise for some time.

Except for a bit of action on the comet towards the end of the episode, this is a relatively quiet, evenly paced show that is surprisingly interesting nonetheless. This is mainly because we get some good character development of Archer, T'Pol and the burgeoning relationship she has with Trip Tucker. The two definitely have great chemistry together.

Archer and crew record a message to be sent to a grade 4 class in Ireland on Earth. They answer questions sent by the kids with the funniest one being: "When you flush a toilet, where does it go?" Archer directs the question to Trip who is understandably embarrassed. Trip requests that the recording be paused and asks the Captain: "A poop question sir?". After beginning to reply, Trip again asks for a pause: "There gonna' think I'm the sanitation engineer." Connor Trinneer (Trip) is funny at being uncomfortable. He has great facial expressions and comedic timing. I really enjoy watching and listening to him as so far he adds a great deal of humor to the show.

Shortly after this, Sato shows up in engineering to talk to Trip. While doing some diagnostics in engineering, he has discovered what seems to have been a power surge in the transceiver array. He asks her what it could be and she describes it as an encrypted transmission or message from the Vulcan ship that was sent to T'Pol's quarters. This of course seems very suspicious. It appears that T'Pol had promised Archer that she would not speak with the Vulcans unless she told him about it. With Archer's agreement, Trip decides to have Sato decode the message.

After translating the Vulcan transmission, Trip discovers that it is a personal message to T'Pol. He feels guilty and decides to tell T'Pol about his reading it and promises not to tell anyone about it. Later, following a suggestion from Dr. Phlox, T'Pol talks to Trip about her "situation".

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