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Meanwhile, Daniels (Matt Winston), a ship's steward, stops Archer in a corridor and asks to speak to him. He tells Archer he has information about the Suliban, the Temporal Cold War and Silik (John Fleck). He knows more than he should and thus persuades Archer to come with him to his quarters. There he reveals that he is not a member of Starfleet and is in fact a time-traveller from 900 years in the future. He belongs to an organization that oversees time-travelling. He is there to stop Silik, who he says is disguised as one of the pilgrims. He convinces Archer to let him have access to main engineering and the command codes so he can use some equipment he has to track Silik who is virtually invisible to conventional scanners. Here we get a rather silly line. Archer asks: "Why should I trust you?" Daniels replies: "You like your scrambled eggs soft. Have I ever brought them to you any other way?" So this is supposed to convince Archer? Perhaps it's a lame attempt at a joke. Still, the device he uses which creates what he calls a "Temporal Observatory" in his quarters is impressive as are the f/x in this scene.

After consulting T'Pol and Tucker and ordering them to help Daniels, Archer returns to his quarters where he finds Porthos agitated and realizes that someone is in the room. Silik appears and tells Archer that he was sent to prevent the antimatter cascade from destroying the ship. He knows someone is after him and wants to know who it is. He inadvertently finds out after T'Pol contacts Archer to inform him of Daniels' progress in engineering. He then stuns Archer and leaves.

Silik kills Daniels and makes his way to Launch Bay Two. Archer using one of Daniels' devices manages to reach Silik. After a short fight, Silik decompresses the Bay by opening a hatch. Archer is almost pushed out but manages to hang on. Silik propels himself out into space where he is picked up by a waiting Suliban ship. This scene has cool f/x as well.

Finally, Archer orders Daniels' quarters sealed. We hear some ominous music in the background as the camera pans over the door.

Even though this show is retro, we manage to see some advanced technology nonetheless thanks to this plotline and I think this is a plus. In addition, this looks likes it's going to be a long term arc which should add a great deal to the overall storyline of the show. I just hope they keep up the complexity of the story and don't resolve it too quickly.

Enterprise is a good show. There have been a couple of ho-hum episodes but I love it. There have only been ten episodes so far and yet I feel I know these characters. Even Lieutenant Reed is quietly being sketched out. He is a stickler for procedures and is a by-the-book Starfleet type. He is focused on his weapons and projects a competence about him that makes him believable as an armory officer. Considering that he's been mostly in the background, it shows the writers are capable.

Upcoming episodes in the new year will feature the Andorians and Jeffrey Combs as Shran

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