"Silent Enemy"
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only they weren't so ready to say "Hi" to any and everybody they meet. How many more encounters with hostile aliens will it take to make them more careful is yet to be seen.

One thing that is increasingly getting annoying to me is the language level in the show. I wish they would upgrade it. If I hear one more "bad guys", I'll break out in hives. TNG used words like "apocryphal" for instance. Then again, they had excess technobabble which this show, thankfully, seems to be able to avoid. Then again, they aren't that far in the future I suppose so there's no need for it, yet.

One scene struck a note with me:

Archer to T'Pol: "You're sure there's nothing down there."
T'Pol: "Yes, Captain."
Archer: "Not even a microbe? I don't want to blow up something that might evolve into something sentient in a couple of billion years."
T'Pol: "There's nothing there."

Sounds silly somehow, but it's not. I'm glad to see Trek reitirating the "Theory of Evolution". In some American circles, it's not too popular.

Again we get an insertion of continuity as there is mention of Klaang (see "Broken Bow") and it's great to see. Not only will we get arcs it seems but it does look like this show will have a coherent storyline.........YES!

So far, I can't be more happy with this show but like I said there is something missing. I can't put my finger on it but I know what I'd like to see happen sooner than later. I'd like to see a brain-teasing, sci-fi-ish, slightly disturbing episode. Something that would blow my mind away. Something that would leave me a little uncomfortable after viewing it. Something that would shake up the complacent, secure status quo of my beliefs and knowledge. Something that would teach me something new about science or philosophy; that would make me think.

I love being entertained and I have been so far. I like social commentary as well but I want to be surprised. Just one episode this season and I'd give this show's first season an A. As first season's go, it ain't bad.

I give this well paced, entertaining episode a B+. The + for Dominic Keating's cute sweetness.

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