"Shuttlepod One"
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It's too bad that there is virtually no new development of Tucker but Trinneer's acting was excellent and believable as was Keating's. Their facial expressions, the way they moved their bodies and even their voice inflections were top-notch. Perhaps the most powerful and turnabout scene occurs when Tucker suggests that maybe one of them should go into the airlock (and die) which would leave more air for the one left and increase his chances of being found alive. Reed agrees nonchalantly until he realizes that Trip is serious. In the end, it is Reed who has hope that they'll be found in time.

There are also some funny moments: Reed's appreciation of T'Pol's "bum" instead of her obvious attributes and Trip's reaction; Reed and Trip finding out they both "had" the same girlfriend back on Earth; Reed plugging up the holes in the pod's hull with mashed potatoes. Ok, that last one wasn't meant to be funny I guess but it was truly laughable nonetheless. Still, I appreciate the near lack of technobabble on this show and the attention to continuity and character development. I love this show.

I also liked the fact that when it was supposed to be cold on the pod it actually showed: we see Reed's and Trip's breath for instance. This may seem trivial but it added a great deal of realism to the final scenes and frankly I don't remember ever seeing this on a "TV" show before. Moreover, while this episode was predictable in the sense that we knew what wasn't going to happen, it was still engaging and well done.

I give this episode a B+. The + for Trinneer's and Keating's fabulous performances.

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