"Rogue Planet"
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Story by: Rick Berman and Brannon Braga and Chris Black
Teleplay by: Chris Black
Directed by: Allan Kroeker

Reed picks up a small planet on the sensors which turns out to be a rogue or a planet broken out of its orbit around a system's sun. Hence, the planet is permanently dark but it seems that it still has life on it. There is also a ship near the equator. Archer and company take a shuttlepod to investigate.

They arrive to find the "Eska" who come to the planet to hunt. Archer later sees what appears to be an apparition of a woman. He later finds out that she is real and is one of the "wraiths" or shape-shifting creatures that the Eska are hunting. She appeals to Archer for help. Archer and Dr. Phlox find a way to "level the playing field".

I know that the budget for Enterprise is not as high as it was for Voyager or the other Trek series but how long are the kitchen managers going to be doing the cooking and washing the dishes? What I mean by this is how many stories have been and are being written by Rick Berman and Brannon Braga, the executive producers?

Judging by this episode, Enterprise is in dire need of new sci-fi writers and especially a science fact advisor. A planet perpetually in the dark away from its sun but with warm weather and lush green tropical plants, a variety of animals and insects? Ok, they covered that by saying that "hot gases are venting from the planet's interior"... really now.

I hope "science fact" isn't something Braga has decided he will do without if it gets in the way of a good story. He did this with continuity in Voyager and you know how the fans loved that. The problem is half the time the story isn't that good to begin with and this one is a prime example of that so throwing away something that might save it isn't a good idea.

TOS was Trek classic, TNG: Trek classic II, DS9: Deep Trek, Voyager: Trek Lite and now Enterprise: General Trek? A lot of us were hoping for "genuine" Trek, not general. I understand the premise of Enterprise: humankind's first voyage into the unknowns of deep space but does it have to be such a generic or derivative type of sci-fi? I enjoy the fact that they don't use the transporter very much; that there are no holodecks, no tractor beams, no replicators and so on but a little spending on the f/x wouldn't hurt. The shapeshifters looked good and that one fluorescent centipede looked nice but the night-vision goggles, yeesh. Stories taking place on planets and caves are getting a little too much attention on this show as well. And while I like character driven episodes (and I wish this was one of them, it might have helped), it would be nice to see some action once in a while.

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