"Rogue Planet"
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This story played more like a fairy tale than a science fiction story. It had some moments that had a kind of ethereal feel to them and this was nice. I liked the ending as the music and the atmosphere were beautiful. But for the most part, the story was thin, plodding and predictable. The Eska were like Joe six-pack a goin' huntin' although at the very least they weren't overdone but in the end hardly "alien". The wraiths looked alien enough but being supposedly capable of telepathy, they couldn't control or at least avoid these hunters? Moreover they were shape-shifters and had been hunted by several generations of Eska yet still hadn't managed to find a way to fight off these (they didn't appear that good) hunters? In other words, these characters (and the story) were too simple. There was no tension here. In fact, in the end, there was nothing here. We find out that Archer and Reed were Eagle scouts; that there are portraits of Starfleet Captains at Starfleet headquarters; that Hoshi doesn't like camping, etc. and so what?

The lady wraith at the end has a nice line she says to Archer: "Never stop seeking what seems unobtainable." Well, I think Mr. Braga should go back and watch the pilot episode to see how much potential Enterprise has and how this episode is so far removed from the quality of the premiere that it doesn't look like the same show. I don't think a good (albeit with a low budget) quality Trek series is impossible to have when you have such a great cast and premise. I just have to remember that Jeffrey Combs is in the next episode to feel better but this particular one really worries me.

I give this episode a D+, the + for the beautiful music and atmosphere at the end.

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