"Fallen Hero"
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in here as I thought it would have been perfect for some more, let's say, mature humor. There is some humor however as when Trip in on the bridge with his "loud" shirt and T'Pol remarks: "If you're wearing that to impress the women on Risa, you may as well stay on board." To which Archer replies: "Don't say she didn't warn you."

But it is T'Pol's, Archer's and V'Lar's interactions that make this a good episode. There's growth here as the three learn to trust each other. Moreover, we learn that the Vulcan High Command has been asked by the Mazar government to help them. Seems the Vulcans are very much involved with the politics in the area. We also find out that they have a well armed ship, a cool looking one in fact.

There was also some good action in this episode as the three Mazarite ships chase the Enterprise. I loved how it wasn't so easy for Archer and crew to get away. "It's called a warp 5 engine.", Archer says to Trip. And Trip replies: "On paper." Without making too much out of it, this manages to reinforce how "new" all this is to Archer and crew and it adds a great deal to the premise of the show.

The only thing I didn't like was V'Lar's parting remarks to Archer and T'Pol. "I sense a great bond between you. A bond of trust and respect but also... a bond of friendship. I think it bodes well for the the future relations of our two peoples." While it's a good foreshadowing I suppose of the future relationship between Archer and T'Pol, I think it's a bit early to assume so much. I guess the fact that Archer listened to T'Pol this time helped V'Lar come to this conclusion but these lines seemed forced somehow.

I give this one a B-.

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