"Two Days and Two Nights"
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Story by: Rick Berman and Brannon Braga
Teleplay by: Chris Black
Directed by: Michael Dorn

After having been diverted twice from their course, the Enterprise crew finally arrives at Risa for some much needed shore leave. Crewman Rostov helms the shuttlepod down to the "pleasure planet" and when they arrive Archer checks in at a beachfront villa along with Porthos with plans to relax; Trip and Malcolm proceed to visit the nightspots, in particular one recommended in the Vulcan database; Hoshi wants to learn the Risan language; Mayweather goes rock-climbing while Rostov returns to the ship. Dr. Phlox uses this time to take his annual hibernation leaving crewman Cutler in charge of sickbay. T'Pol remains on board to mind the ship. Of course, according to Murphy's Law: "If anything simply cannot go wrong, it will anyway." Then again sometimes you get lucky.

I enjoyed this episode. I loved how everyone, including Mayweather, Hoshi and Porthos, got some screen time. Lots of humor here. For instance, Porthos and Rhylo growling at each other was a cute, funny scene and the look of Rhylo certainly helped. Reed and Tucker reminded me of when I was in my twenties going on a girls' night out to a club and sizing up the men there. I never had to lie about what I do to impress men but I've seen it done enough times by men that I found this bit quite funny. I've never been mugged at a club but I certainly have had some surprises. And surprised I was when the two ladies were anything but. It was a no-brainer that they were up to no good but I never expected them to go from sexy babes to ugly, male, very alien-looking thugs in the blink of an eye. Seeing Trip and Malcolm (with Reed virtually reeking of alcohol because of Tucker breaking a bottle of some alcoholic drink to free them) in their underwear walking around the club the next day had me laughing. I loved the way they were so easily bamboozled. Phlox's scenes were a bit forced but they were funny nonetheless. I liked how he thought that T'Pol and Cutler wanted to sleep with him and that's why they were waking him. Archer's line: "Went out like a light " was also right on.

Hoshi scores! She was the last person I would have thought would be so casual in terms of having a one-night-stand. Frankly, I found the guy a little "creepy" as well for some reason but heck, I've been there and there's just something about good-looking, intelligent men that seems to get your guard down. Then again, I guess that's why they call Risa the "pleasure planet". She also managed to learn to speak the Risan language but in one day? She is human after all and frankly I find this a bit unbelievable. Mayweather got some time on the screen too which was nice. Still I wonder how the heck you can climb a mountain if the rockface and the handholds change all the time?

Archer is certainly the romantic type. I'm liking him more and more as time goes by. Also, Bakula seems to be a lot more natural in his portrayal of Archer. His lines are smoother and

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