"Two Days and Two Nights"
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his personality is starting to show through the character. In fact, in the last 3 or 4 episodes he has shown a great deal of improvement. I have a feeling about him. I think he's going to be a great Trek captain. I was hoping they'd add "fighter" to his list of character traits but I like him just as he is. Ok, maybe I'd like him to beat up the aliens once in a while instead of vice versa all the time.

This was certainly a lighthearted episode and I love the humor in this show but it did have some serious moments. Again we get some great continuity from Archer drinking what appeared to be iced tea to a link being made to what happened in "Detained", the Tandarans and other episodes dealing with the Suliban. How did this woman find out about Archer? Is she in league with Colonel Grat? She wanted to know "where" the Cabal is situated. Was she working independently? I loved how they left it open ended. Her lines as she leaves an unconscious Archer: "I can't have you interfering. I'd better check out now." leave a lot to the imagination. And if they keep up this level of continuity and have a long standing arc going, all I can say is, this show can only get better and better. I love the characters. I'm even warming up to Phlox, he's no Neelix; he's much more complex. I also like the additions of Cutler and Rostov. They certainly add to the show.

Michael Dorn (Worf) did a great job directing this fun episode and I give it a B+. The + for the guys getting robbed and left in their underwear and Hoshi getting some!

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