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Story by: Rick Berman and Brannon Braga
Teleplay by: Chris Black
Directed by: Alan Kroeker

Archer, T'Pol, Tucker and Reed go to visit a Paraagan mining colony but as their shuttlepod descends into the atmosphere of the planet, a massive explosion occurs destroying the colony. Believing they caused the explosion, Archer contacts Admiral Forrest. After speaking with Vulcan Ambassador Soval, Forrest cancels Enterprise's mission and orders Archer and crew back to Earth. They are to meet with a Vulcan ship along the way that will pick up T'Pol and Dr. Phlox.

Archer, racked with guilt and feeling despondent doesn't argue Forrest's decision and goes to bed. Sensing something is wrong, he turns on the lights to find that he is no longer on the ship but in San Francisco in his apartment, ten months earlier, a day before the incident at Broken Bow. Daniels is there and informs Archer he brought him back to this time to prevent other factions, part of the Temporal Cold War, from finding them. He tells Archer that he and his crew were not the cause of the explosion but that the Suliban Cabal were behind it in order to stop Enterprise's mission from succeeding.

Archer is returned to the ship and using information given to him by Daniels has Trip build beacons that can detect cloaked Suliban ships. Archer is also able to find out that the Suliban had placed a device on the shuttlepod that created a plasma stream that caused the explosion. Using the information that Archer received from Daniels and the beacons, he and the crew return to the planet's system to locate a Suliban stealth cruiser. After disabling the ship, Archer, T'Pol and Tucker board it to retrieve Suliban data discs which they will use to prove the Suliban caused the explosion.

On their way to rendezvous with the Vulcans, they are overtaken by a swarm of Suliban ships. Silik, the Cabal leader, demands that Archer board one of the ships that docks with Enterprise. Outgunned, Archer agrees and proceeds to the turbolift leaving T'Pol in command. When the door opens he finds himself inside the ruins of a building. Daniels who is also there tells him that he is in the 31st century and that he brought him there because if he had gone with Silik it would have damaged the timeline. Unfortunately, bringing Archer to this century caused the destruction of the planet they are on and perhaps more. With everything destroyed, including the time portals, Daniels tells Archer that he can't return home.

Another great ensemble episode with excellent direction and pace. The action is right on target and exciting and the special effects are top-notch. The writing is crisp and the story is complex and downright interesting. I happen to love conspiracies and time travel stories and I love arcs and this one is up there at the DS9 level I am very happy to say. Reminds me of

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