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the good old TNG days too and great episodes like "Timescape", "Cause and Effect" and "Parallels". Glad to see Brannon Braga hasn't lost his touch!

Bakula does a great job as the Captain with a broken spirit and as the focused leader once he finds out what has really happened. His acting is good in this episode and I might add the rest of the cast does an excellent job too.

Two small nitpicks: While I found Dr. Phlox was his usual "optimistic" self I found his lack of compassion for the crew and their predicament rather odd. It seemed out of character as he seems to know about human behavior. We see him tell T'Pol, when she questions Archer's fitness to command, that it is normal for the Captain to be feeling and acting the way he is. And yet, when Trip is talking to him, he seems almost heartless. Then again I suppose he was trying to make Trip see the bright side of things. My other nitpick has to do with the device in Daniels' quarters. In "Cold Front" they had sealed his quarters and not searched them which I suppose was proper in terms of human decency but I found that misplaced considering what Daniels had been up to in the episode. It bothers me here too that all this time there was this device in his room that might have helped Archer and Starfleet to find out more about Klingons, Suliban and goodness knows how many other alien species. Still, I suppose it would have made it impossible to write this particular story.

Regardless, I really enjoyed this episode. I love complex storylines and this one is shaping up to be quite engaging. So far the continuity in this show is great and I hope they keep this up. It makes for a more interesting series as it makes me want to know what is going to happen next. I don't say this only because this episode is a cliffhanger but rather because the whole "Temporal Cold War" arc is intriguing. I only hope they don't resolve it too quickly or by using some "Deus Ex Machina" plot device.

Seeing Archer topless was a treat too. Bakula has a very appealing body and is very easy on the eyes. In fact, I think he is the most attractive of the captains. Character-wise I also like the fact that he is vulnerable. I liked the way he asked Hoshi to watch over Porthos and not feed him any cheese. Nice little continuity touch. Archer is the kind of man that makes me want to hug him very tight and somehow I know I'd feel very safe with him. Ok, enough with my fantasies.......heh.

The f/x were quite good. I loved how the Suliban fell out from the ship into space the way they did and that last scene as the camera gradually pulls away from the devastating destruction of the planet with Archer staring out of the wrecked building was quite stunning.

I give this excellent episode an A.

Gisele La Roche, About

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