"Shockwave, Part II"
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Story by: Rick Berman and Brannon Braga
Teleplay by: Rick Berman and Brannon Braga
Directed by: Allan Kroeker

With Archer still trapped in the 31st century and T'Pol in command of Enterprise, the Suliban board the ship in search of Archer. Finding a temporal signature in the turbolift where Archer was last seen and with Archer not on board, Silik holds off on destroying the Enterprise. He has the crew locked down in their quarters and tries to contact the mysterious leader from the future to get new orders. Meanwhile, Archer and Daniels devise a way to communicate with the ship. Archer contacts T'Pol with a plan. Reed gets a device from Daniels' quarters which Silik is tricked into using to contact his boss. Instead he brings Archer back to the past. Archer takes Silik hostage and forces the Suliban to retreat. Although Archer has proof that he and his crew weren't responsible for the destruction of the Paraagan mining colony, Vulcan Ambassador Soval still wants Enterprise to return to Earth. Both Archer and T'Pol convince Starfleet to allow the mission to continue.

Either several small things are wrong that I can't put my finger on or it's one major problem but there's something not quite right about this series. All the parts are there and they are well executed but it's like they are disconnected or not blended right. Somehow there's no heart in this show. It's like everyone is simply going through the motions. This said, I am sure everyone works very hard on the show nonetheless and I don't wish to denigrate anyone's work. It's just I can't shake this feeling when I watch it.

Normally, I'd say it's the director's fault but this is not something new to the series. Allan Kroeker does an excellent job directing the action in this episode; the show is well paced and doesn't miss a beat; the camera work is good, I liked the close-ups but the acting is shaky. Scott Bakula seems to be reading his lines rather than acting the part. Linda Park is still as expressionless and bland as ever. We already have T'Pol doing this as she is a Vulcan. If Hoshi is so claustrophobic, why didn't it show? She also seemed quite competent and unafraid for someone who is still relatively new to all this space travel. The rest of the cast performs well but puts in an average performance. Only Blalock gets to really act and she does a good job here. Keating (Reed) also puts in a good performance. Maybe it's the writing, I'm not sure. To be fair, all the Trek series (in their early seasons) weren't quite that well rooted this early on either. Now on to the episode...

Frankly I was disappointed that they resolved the cliffhanger this quickly and so easily. I wish Archer would have been left in the 31st century for a little longer and the story would have gone on for one more episode. But I'm glad that the arc itself is still ongoing nonetheless. I can't wait to see how "future guy" deals with Silik.

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