"Shockwave, Part II"
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But there's one thing that bothers me about this storyline. The Suliban are obviously very dangerous and yet at the end of the episode we get Starfleet and the Vulcans more concerned about whether to bring back Archer and crew than anything else. They now know that the Suliban are responsible for the destruction of the mining colony. There's also the Tandarans that have been attacked by the Suliban although we don't know why and most likely the Suliban are attacking others as well. Yet Starfleet and the Vulcans don't seem that concerned about them. Instead of rehashing how the Vulcans want humans out of deep space and back on Earth and Archer and T'Pol arguing against it, it would have been far more interesting to see them discussing the Suliban and Silik. At the very least, there should have been some mention of it.

It's confirmed now that Archer and the events the Enterprise mission sets in motion are crucial to the formation of the Federation but that's all we really learned in this episode. Still, it's not Archer they want to be rid of as much as it is the Federation. Who would be the ones in the future most likely to benefit from this? I liked the foreshadowing when Archer pulls out the book about the Romulan Star Empire and wonder whether this was a hint.

Daniels talking about "quantum discriminators" being on every high school students' desk in the 31st century seemed way out there. So these "kids" could contact anyone in the past if they wanted to? I'm sorry but this is beyond ridiculous and almost ruined the story for me. Also why would the library have "only" books? Even in our time more and more information is being stored electronically. These are small enough nits though.

Overall, I enjoyed the episode and it adequately resolved the cliffhanger.

I give this one a B-.

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