"Carbon Creek"
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So far there have been nods to older Trek series like the neat tip of the hat to TOS by naming the Starfleet Admirals "Forrest, Williams and Leonard" after Kirk (William Shatner), Spock (Leonard Nimoy) and McCoy (DeForest Kelley). Now the mention of Desilu and "I Love Lucy" adds a nice touch of nostalgia. I like the fact that B&B give a nod to the older Trek fans but I hope they don't go too far with modernizing the show. Anyway, while I have mixed feelings about this show and they are leaning more towards liking the show than not liking it, I'm just happy there is still "new" Trek to be seen and franklly I'm amazed.

I enjoyed this relaxing, pleasant episode. I liked the touches of humor here and there like when one of the Vulcans' haircuts is compared to the Three Stooges' Moe character or when Stron complains about being a plumber. I also liked the fact that they didn't overdo the humor or that it wasn't of the slapstick type as that would have been almost sacrilegious considering these are Vulcans and not Ferengi.

It irked me a little bit to see T'Mir doing the dishes and cleaning. I suppose they had to adapt to the times but she was supposed to be the commander wasn't she? I also liked the little scene of her changing her dress behind the sheet. She looked very sexy there.

This was an old fashioned story but it did have its moments. I liked how Mestral was so taken with humanity that he wanted to stay on Earth although if he couldn't report back what he had learned then what would be the point of staying and learning? I liked how T'Mir went out of her way to help the young man get money for college. These Vulcans were likeable and this added a new or actually familiar dimension to the Vulcans and I liked it. It made me like T'Pol more which was probably the intention of the episode and it worked.

I give this episode a B-.

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