"Dead Stop"
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For a moment I got a flashback of TOS's "Spock's Brain" but only for a second or two. The station uses the cerebral cortex of humanoid victims to enhance its processing power but this time the brains are not removed from the bodies and of course this is a far superior story. I liked how the station is so bright and clean and yet the room where the bodies are kept is so dark and dingy. It seems fitting that the "goodness" of the repair station is nothing but an illusion afterall and that Archer's suspicions were correct. This was a good, creepy story when you think about it. Of course evil technology vs. humanity usually makes for some very good sci-fi stories and it worked perfectly here.

Lastly I have to mention Anthony Montgomery (Mayweather). He certainly has a _nice_ physique. They've got some very good looking men in this show and for a change they're not afraid to show it. I hope they keep this up. I'm sure all the ladies and gay gentlemen out there will agree <g>.

I give this excellent episode an A.

Gisele La Roche, About

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