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Story by: Rick Berman & Brannon Braga
Teleplay by: David Wilcox
Directed by: Mike Vejar

Archer and crew come to the aid of a mining colony.

This is the type of episode that if you miss it, it won't matter too much down the road as nothing of consequence really happens here. There's no real character development although we do learn that Hoshi can shoot straight and that T'Pol is good at Vulcan martial arts. In addition, there's no real advancement to the overall storyline of the series. In fact, it's an old fashioned TV show plot about good guys vs bad guys. The direction is fine and the acting is solid enough and it's not that it's a bad episode, it's just that it's well...boring.

You can't always tell by the teaser but this one seemed to say it all. With the drab and spartan environment of yet another "planet" episode with a kid running by and the inhabitants saying things like: "Is it them?" with a worried look on their faces, I sort of knew it wouldn't be all that great.

Curiously, later when I saw T'Pol disembark from the shuttlepod in her "new" outfit I couldn't help but laugh. White for one thing is not a good color for a military-type uniform somehow. Regardless, it reminded me of the movie "Galaxy Quest" and I couldn't get rid of that thought all through the episode. I half expected alien munchkins to pop out of nowhere, appear sweet and suddenly flare their teeth. At least that would have been interesting.

Instead we get goofy Klingons. I love Klingons (at least the DS9 ones) and I couldn't buy that they are this stupid even if they are pirates of a sort and don't answer to the High Council. They wouldn't be fooled or give up this easily no matter if they are a small band of rogues. Klingons are warriors. They start training from the time they are children. They may not be great artists or diplomats but they know how to fight. The fight scenes were pathetic and just didn't ring true.

One of the female inhabitants throws a rock at one of the Klingons and he runs after her. She uses her newly acquired (from T'Pol) fall and roll tactic and manages to escape from him. Now if the Klingons had been shown to be drunk on bloodwine I may have bought it. But this was just too stupid and unbelievable. T'Pol's fight scene was good however and was the best part of the episode along with Travis in his muscle shirt when they were training the colonists to fight.

I'm not well-versed when it comes to scientific things but "mining" deuterium (a form of

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