"The Communicator"
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Guinan) sees Archer and company escape on the "cloaked" Suliban ship. So now the aliens think that the Alliance has advanced weaponry and prototype advanced soldiers and aircraft that can disappear. This is better than knowing that there is intelligent life on other planets? I don't know but if I were the General, I'd decide that it's time to surrender to the Alliance or maybe launch a surprise attack while there is still time thereby starting a world war. This likely outcome is much worse than having the aliens wonder about what other life is out there.

This story reminded me of various other Trek episodes but TNG's "Who Watches the Watchers" comes to mind. This is the one where Picard is mistaken for a god or "the Picard". In the end, Picard has to tell the planet's inhabitants that he is not a god and that there is life elsewhere. In this way, they haven't "contaminated" the culture as seriously as they would have if they had let them believe in superstitions and the subsequent consequences.

Of course Archer and crew don't have the luxury of having a working Prime Directive to guide them but I sincerely hope that after these events they have some sort of protocol in place for dealing with such incidents. Knowing it is important not to contaminate a pre-warp culture is great and Archer willing to die and sacrifice a crewmember is all well and dandy but it's just a little too extreme unless some changes occur. Let's hope we see an advancement in this aspect of the storyline in subsequent episodes otherwise there will be no reason not to think that Archer is just plain stupid.

Another little glitch is the way the firefight at the end of the episode is a little too perfect. Not one of our brave crew gets hurt? Archer even manages to gather up all the tech and "X-Rays" left behind without so much as a scrape? While I'm at it, another thing I find annoying about this show is its lack of color. Why does everything have to be so bland? There are other problems but I think you get the idea.

Still, I enjoyed the episode in its first viewing so I still recommend it if only because I still found it entertaining despite all the flaws. It also adds a somewhat important piece to the emerging storyline of "Enterprise".

I give this one a C+. The + for Connor Trinneers' (Trip) sweetness.

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