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done! I also like how Archer emphasizes and tempers Reed's ambitions by telling him that Enterprise is not a warship and to tone down the use of the term "battle stations". Their interaction is believable and makes sense. Reed's concerns are important and he (even in the state he's in here) makes sense but Archer is the Captain and the difference stands out well here. In addition, Reed adds an interesting and important component to the mix of characters and I like it.

The fight scene between Reed and Tucker was right on. I loved how Archer broke them up and put them in their place. The look on their faces was perfect. And it just goes to show that if you give Bakula (Archer) the right, meaty lines, he delivers them with style. While Archer wasn't at his best in terms of being Captain here we do see the Captain in him emerge and I hope we see more of this. Just because he is inexperienced and new to the role of leader, he should still appear competent and capable. This is an aspect of the character that needs to be beefed up and kept up. It's one thing to make mistakes, it's quite another to be obviously stupid.

You can't fault the continuity within this show; it is excellent. We get a mention of Mayweather's neural implants from the repair station in "Dead Stop" and a mention of Cochrane and Archer's father. It's little things like this that make the show richer.

I've only one complaint and that is the use of the extremely stupid idea of the joystick. I forget which movie it was introduced in ("First Contact"?) but I wish it had died there. It just looks dumb.

Well that's it. The episode was well-paced and directed; the music was good; the acting solid and the writing original even though the basis for the story was rehashed.

I give this one an A-. The - for the use of the dreadful joystick.

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