"Vanishing Point"
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Story by: Rick Berman & Brannon Braga
Teleplay by: Rick Berman & Brannon Braga
Directed by: David Straiton

After being transported during a storm, Hoshi believes that something is not quite right with her. She visits Dr. Phlox who reassures her that nothing is wrong. She begins to notice that her reflection in the mirror in her quarters seems to disappear. In the shower, water passes through her hand. Later, in the gym, her hand goes through the controls and she is unable to leave. Archer and crew believe that she has disappeared as they can't find her and Dr. Phlox explains that her molecules have been disintegrating. Meanwhile, Hoshi discovers two aliens placing bombs on the ship. She tries to follow them on their transporter pad and instead rematerializes on Enterprise. She is told that she has just now returned from the planet and that she was trapped in the pattern buffer for 8.3 seconds and that all that happened to her was a hallucination.

It certainly has been an interesting week for me. First my computer was infected with the Klez worm. Second, I was in an unending mailing list discussion. The debate was about Enterprise and how I feel that the writers have not repeated the mistakes of Voyager on the show. There is continuity within the series, there are arcs and continuing storylines, there is character development and the show is aimed at an older audience. So far so good. But I also mentioned that there is no reset button and well, that's not the case is it? At the end of this episode everything is erased with little advancement to the characters or storyline.

While last week's episode was a rehash of many Trek episodes involving the "crew behaving oddly" at least it was interesting to watch. This week's show is a remake of some of the elements of TNG's "The Next Phase" and is, to be honest, a yawn. At least in TNG's episode there was some tension as what was going on was real whereas in this episode, it ends up being all a dream. With the way things happen in the episode it's not far fetched to believe that it is from the get go. T'Pol seems to know too much about the ruins. Archer coldly dismisses Hoshi to her quarters. Crewman Baird deciphers the language of the aliens easily whereas Hoshi couldn't. It all seems a little too unreal and of course we find out it is.

It's a pity they picked Hoshi for this episode. Just as she was finally getting over being afraid of being on a starship, now we see her fearing the dreaded transporter. Must she always be the one who is wimpy? Still she does remain cool-headed throughout her ordeal.

I think the story isn't all that bad but it would have been far more interesting to use someone who would have been less likely to be afraid of transporters. T'Pol, Archer or even Trip would have added a tad more suspense as we wouldn't have been so ready to believe they were freaking out, so to speak. It would have added something to the story to see them asking

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