"The Catwalk"
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Story by: Mike Sussman & Phyllis Strong
Teleplay by: Mike Sussman & Phyllis Strong
Directed by: Mike Vejar

While on their way to visit a planet, Archer and crew are hailed by aliens that warn that a storm is headed their way. The aliens board the ship as they need protection from it. As there is a great deal of radioactivity from the class five neutronic storm, the only safe place for the crew is in the crawlspace or shaft running the length of the warp nacelles. The warp engines must be taken off-line otherwise temperatures would make it impossible to survive there. Meanwhile, unbeknownst to the crew, aliens have boarded the ship in search of the other aliens and plan to take it over. Archer and crew must find a way to save the ship from the aliens while surviving the effects of the storm.

Seeing Trek veteran director Mike Vejar's name in the credits, I knew this was going to be a fast- and well-paced episode and it was. Each scene was interesting and fit well like the pieces of a puzzle and in the end we had a very entertaining story with pieces that were very informative. But it's not so much the action with the aliens or the storm that was good but the interaction of the crew and the tidbits we learn about them that was truly interesting. This episode had a nice blend of action, great special f/x, character development and interaction all put together nicely.

We learn that Dr. Phlox' planet has one continent with 12 billion Denobulans living on it. What with three wives and three husbands at a time, it's no wonder they're overpopulated. Phlox also "cares" for his animals. I love the way we are learning more and more about this very notable character and I hope we get to see Denobula someday. Hoshi is still claustrophobic but was handling it well. T'Pol is not good at fraternizing but in the end Trip invites her to attend another movie which they usually have on Tuesday nights. Reed tends to get seasick or in this case spacesick which doesn't seem at all surprising. I liked the way he was whining about things to Trip. We get to see Chef, sort of. Mayweather proves he is not just a helmsman but a very good one. We also see a poker game where rations are used instead of money or chips.

The dialogue was very good and engaging. I liked the Takret Captain (Danny Goldring). He had presence and I liked the way he was "studying" the crew manifest and Archer which made him seem more insidious as time went by. His interaction with Archer was right on. There was just enough conflict to make things interesting without intefering with the action. Moreover, Archer was good at being Captain in this episode and I hope we see more of this Archer in the future.

I also liked the music which finally matched the action and the pace. I especially like the

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