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Story by: John Shiban
Teleplay by: John Shiban
Directed by: Roxann Dawson

While Trip is on a mission to test Shuttlepod One's autopilot, he is fired upon by a small alien craft. Both his and the alien's ship are forced to land on the dark side of one of the moons of a gas giant. Seems something in the atmosphere disabled the engines of both vessels. Meanwhile, Enterprise is hailed by an Arkonian ship. The alien captain wants Enterprise to leave the system as it is Arkonian territory. Archer convinces the captain to help him search for Trip and the missing Arkonian crewmember. As dawn approaches, the temperature on the moon starts to rise. Trip and his Arkonian enemy must work together to find a way off the moon before the heat from the sun kills them.

Considering this is another rehash episode (see TNG's "The Enemy", "Darmok" or the movie "Enemy Mine") I would imagine that long time Trek fans would find the episode less than interesting. But if you are a Trip fan, like I am, then this is a reasonably entertaining episode.

As usual, Connor Trinneer's performance as the "passionate" Trip Tucker is more than appealing. If there is one thing the actor is good at it's showing emotion even when he's recording his log. Gregg Henry also does a good job as Trip's adversary Zho'Kann. Of course a little alien spit that happens to heal wounds instantly does add a nice measure of strangeness to the character.

I liked Zho'Kann's makeup. It's a little too close to the makeup used in "Enemy Mine" but then again this may just be some sort of homage to the movie. I also liked the music. It reminded me of TOS for some reason especially during the fight and that's fine with me. Speaking of which that was one well-choreographed scene. Usually I don't care for this sort of thing that much because I find fighting difficult to watch. What I mean is the shots or camera angles are usually so rough and tumble that there hard to look at. But this was so well done it was actually fun to watch.

Which brings me to the direction. Roxann Dawson (Voyager's B'Elanna) does an excellent job here and I might add, as usual. She certainly has a way with camera shots and brings the best out of the actors, well done!

I have but one criticism and that's the fact that the writing on Enterprise needs to be less straightforward and a little bit more complicated. If there's one thing that the series seems to have a problem with it's the writing. It's not bad writing. It's just that it's too simplistic. The concepts need to be more fleshed out. At this point I am starting to wonder which

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