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growing. In his speech to the Vulcans, Archer recounts how humans were and still are viewed by them.

Viacom's AIDS awareness program was the reason why this episode was made. Still, I think Berman and Braga did a wonderful job fitting in this subject with the Trek universe. It may have been a little preachy at times but the writing was mature and intelligent. It's refreshing that the topic of safe sex was not discussed. It's been done to death at this point. Also, I loved how the Denobulans represented the idea of "freedom of expression" and although Trip was uncomfortable with their lifestyle, he didn't judge them for it. He simply stated his own beliefs which are more than valid in this case and pretty well match how some people view homosexuality in the same way as most people would view something as outrageous as a culture where three wives and three husbands is the norm. While Dr. Phlox and Feezal found Trip's discomfort amusing they also did not look down on Trip for his attitudes.

Some may argue that AIDS is not a gay disease and that's correct. Nonetheless if a male person gets the disease it is automatically assumed that the man is homosexual and consequently he will still be looked down on by a large enough percentage of the population. I think Dr. Yuris in the episode says it best: "There's more intolerance today than there was a thousand years ago. It has to stop."

I give this episode an A-.

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