"Future Tense"
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that tells them when time is being affected in some way? Still, it's a wonder that the Vulcans don't believe in time travel or are ignorant of it and I still wonder why the writers decided to make them this way.

Which brings me to one small nit. If the humans of the future can recover the vessel and the corpse why not reclaim Daniel's effects? I would think that his "database" from the future would be considered dangerous as well if it fell into the wrong hands. It's also a wonder that Starfleet doesn't want to have it. Archer was going to have the ship picked up by Vulcans and brought to Starfleet. Why aren't they interested in the database? Starfleet doesn't seem to be too much in charge it seems. It would be interesting to know more about the structure of Starfleet at this point and just how much power they have.

The human corpse is not just human afterall. It appears that in the future, much like today with the way the world is becoming more and more multicultural, people will not be made up of only one race or in this case, species. I like how this reflects the realities of today. It also provides for some good lines: T'Pol to Archer: "It's unlikely we could reproduce." To which she quickly adds: "Humans and Vulcans". Blalock was a little off with her timing but it still was humorously and sexually ambiguous nonetheless. So far the TCW arc is very engaging and I can't wait to see more of it.

I give this one a B+. The + for the writing.

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