"The Crossing"
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situations a la TOS style. And frankly I didn't like seeing Reed as a lecherous creep either. Making it humerous would have been more fun and having T'Pol in a skin-tight top would have been a little more acceptable and a less obvious ratings ploy while he was "humerously" attempting to get her in bed. Having the friendly "wisps" turn into nasty aliens afterwards would have had more impact as well.

In other words, the same story but with a twist. Then again having the captain be taken might have made him look foolish which wouldn't help the character of Archer much I suppose considering how he's been portrayed at times. I realize we've seen this type of funny episode before but I think making it humerous would have made it more fun to watch. It would have added more of a contrast between the friendly, innocent aliens we meet at first and how their true intentions turn them into villains.

This generic, derivative sci-fi episode did feature some nice CGI work in the teaser as well as in the scenes of the interior of the ship and lastly with its destruction. The pace was good and the show was well done if only I hadn't seen the same type of episode so many times before. This episode was emotionally blunt so to speak with no real conflict and that is one of the problems with this show. It lacks passion. It's a little too slick and by the book and these types of rehashed storylines make the show unavoidably predictable and dull.

I give this one a C.

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