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brag that his upgrades had saved the day but still it would have been nice if it had ended with him starting to explain what had happened during his visit.

I'm not all that fond of character-centric episodes (not to be confused with character-driven) but this one did develop Mayweather's character somewhat. We see that he has learned a great deal by being on Enterprise. He tries to upgrade the systems on the Horizon but his resentful brother Paul (well-acted by Corey Mendell Parker) doesn't want his help. There's a hint of jealousy here when Paul tells him: "Maybe you can stop by engineering...build us a warp 5 engine." with a sneer on his face. Throughout his stay on the cargo ship, Travis and his brother do seem to be at odds with each other but it all ends well nonetheless with Paul a little wiser and Travis relieved of guilt for leaving his home to join Starfleet. Joan Pringle also does a nice job here as his worried mother, Rianna.

I liked that they're giving T'Pol some humerous lines and I hope they continue doing this. I particularly liked it when she told Phlox to basically "shut-up" at the movie. His reaction was quick but comical. Before the movie she complains at one point: "I don't understand how sitting silently in a darkened room constitutes "fraternizing". Unless I'm mistaken the room wasn't dark which was odd and I wonder why it wasn't. She is certainly getting used to being around humans and picking up human habits as we see her eat popcorn with her hands, another good thing.

This was a pleasant episode finally giving some screentime to Anthony Montgomery (grandson of the great jazz guitarist Wes Montgomery, whose music I've enjoyed over the years). I guess talent runs in that family. I can't say I'd watch this episode again but it's worth watching at least once.

I give this one a B-.

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