"The Breach"
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a weird sort of way. It certainly does make Denobulans very alien which is truly engaging. I really did not expect that they could come up with a unique "new" species after all this time. The first time I saw Phlox I thought he was going to be another Neelix but he is far from it. He disobeys a direct order from Captain Archer. He is not the captain's lapdog. I also liked the continuity bit with the mention of his son. Now we know what the falling-out was all about.

In fact I'm starting to really like Denobulans. They have a past which isn't rosy; they are not perfect. It reminds me of the Garak character on DS9. A good/bad guy that can be trustworthy on the one hand and treacherous as the situation demands. John Billingsley (Phlox) does his usual excellent job as the doctor and gives the character depth much like Andrew J. Robinson made Garak a memorable character. I do hope they continue to give Phlox this "edge".

It's a pity that they had to have Mayweather get injured but then again he is supposed to be a young, inexperienced ensign so it fits the character. Nonetheless, as we saw in "Horizon" he is learning. I do hope we see him grow from his experiences on Enterprise and that he doesn't end up being the perpetually naive, young man as poor Harry Kim was on Voyager. Moreover, I truly hope they develop the characters as they are Phlox. This is a good looking and very talented cast and it would be a damn shame if they didn't. This show has a heck of a lot of potential that I hope isn't lost along the way in favor of action oriented episodes with two-dimensional characters. It could have the depth of DS9, it certainly has the great f/x of Voyager and could become as popular as TNG given good writing.

Next week's episode will be a comedy dealing with sexuality. I'm so very glad that this series is exploring this theme, not comedy but sexuality. The Denobulans certainly have a different lifestyle as they have three mates and we weren't just told this. We've seen Phlox's wife and how she flirted with Trip and the doctor's reaction to it. It's a refreshing step forward from the sexual sterility of Voyager and it's a subject that hasn't been very much examined in Star Trek. There have been "some" episodes but never any real exploration. Hopefully it won't be used just as a ratings ploy.

I give this one a B+. The + for the teaser showing Phlox feeding his lizard a Tribble and Hoshi's reaction.

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