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Speaking of good actors, Connor Trinneer shines here and his meddling fits in with his character. He has a natural penchant for coming to the aid of those he thinks need help. For instance in "Broken Bow" he thinks a mother is suffocating her child and tries to stop her. In fact, she is only trying to wean the boy to breathe normal air. Becky Wahlstrom does an equally good job as the innocent and helpless cogenitor. Scott Bakula also does well here as his anguish at sending Charles back to the aliens and receiving the news that it commited suicide is palpable.

In the final analysis, I suppose Archer has no choice but to return the cogenitor and Trip learns a very painful lesson yet it feels wrong somehow. It reminds me of a TOS episode "The Cloud Minders", where a segment of the society lives in luxury in the cloud-city of Stratos while another group, the miners are forced to live on the planet and have a much lower standard of living. The Troglytes are seen as being mentally inferior but it turns out it is because of a gas that is emitted during mining. Considering the situation it is forgivable for the city dwellers to feel the way they do about the Troglytes. But here the cogenitors are clearly intelligent. It makes their oppression even more abhorrent and the Vissians appear to be cruel oppressors.

I give this well-acted, well-directed, well-written and thought provoking episode an A.

Gisele La Roche, About

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