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Story by: Mike Sussman & Phyllis Strong
Teleplay by: Mike Sussman & Phyllis Strong
Directed by: David Livingston

A human research team based in the Arctic region of Earth discovers the wreckage of what appears to be a spherical ship and two humanoid yet strangely cybernetic-looking corpses. They examine the bodies and allow them to thaw. Somehow the aliens manage to come alive. They then abduct the researchers and modify the scientists' transport as such that it has warp 3.9 capabilities and leave Earth. Enterprise is contacted by Admiral Forrest and told to intercept the altered transport.

On their way Enterprise receives a distress signal from a Tarkalean freighter. Upon arriving Archer and crew discover that the vessel is being attacked by the very transport they are looking for. The transport manages to escape while Enterprise rescues two of the freighters occupants. The Tarkaleans have been compromised by the aliens from the transport and are being transformed by nanoprobes in their bloodstream. They attack Dr. Phlox injecting him with nanoprobes and proceed to alter some of Enterprise's systems. Archer has them ejected into space to save the ship.

When Enterprise reaches the alien transport, a signal is sent causing the alien modifications to take hold thus taking weapons offline and disabling the ship. The aliens hail Enterprise and tell them they will be assimilated and that resistance is futile. Archer and Reed beam over to the transport where they plant bombs while the aliens board Enterprise in an attempt to take over the ship and the crew. Archer and Reed return and the explosives disable the transport causing the aliens to beam back to their vessel. Archer then has the transport destroyed.

Meanwhile, Phlox undergoes treatment using omicron radiation to rid himself of the nanoprobes. Phlox tells Archer that he heard numbers being repeated over and over again in his mind before being "cured" of the nanoprobes. When Archer analyzes the numbers, he discovers that they are the coordinates for Earth and that the message was aimed deep into the Delta Quadrant. T'Pol estimates it will take two hundred years for it to get there. Archer realizes that this means the threat from these aliens has just been postponed till then.

The one thing that stands out in this episode is the music. While the musical scores from other episodes have reminded me of Voyager (which annoys me to no end) some and especially this one have been refreshingly new and unique to Enterprise. The music in this episode had movie-like quality and frankly added an exceptional dimension to the overall feel of the episode. I do hope we get more of Brian Tyler's work in future shows.

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