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Borg were reduced to stock-in-trade villains on Voyager. They do represent a very disturbing and scary concept, that of losing one's individuality and humanity. The idea even trancends the concept of being slaves to machines to where we become the machines, scary stuff. And the subject of machines being in control is very much in vogue right now. Witness the reception to "Matrix Reloaded" this week. The Borg are a possible albeit sci-fi vision of the future and were exceptionally interesting till they got humanized and dumbed-down on Voyager, pity.

Two little things that were to me too futuristic are when Phlox talks about the Bynars which we learn about in TNG's "11001001". While it does work in some ways as they are another cybernetically-enhanced species, weren't they somewhat unknown by Picard and company? When Reed says something about "holographic bullets" when he complains about how they can't seem to stop the Borg, this also seemed way out of place.

There was also a not so pleasant side-effect from watching this episode. It reminded me of how much I miss the 24th century. I don't miss the Borg in the least but it did make me think of DS9. I miss that show "so" much. It also made me think of how this new show could have been an anthology series. We could have had new and/or familiar crews and situations and even different time frames every week if it had been this type of show.

I would love to see how DS9's Garak is faring on Cardassia; how Colonel Kira, Jake, Nog, Quark, Dr. Bashir, Ezri and the others are doing on the station; how Martok and Worf are doing for instance; how Captain Riker is handling the new Enteprise E and maybe even see a crew from Kirk's era. I can just imagine how much fun it would be for some fans to see how the Voyager crew is managing on Earth. I'd love to see the Klingons of the future again. We could still have had Archer and crew show us how the Federation came to be as well. Who knows? Maybe the next Trek movie or better yet, a mini-series or two will have a mix of characters from the 24th century and we'll get to see how well or not well they are doing. A girl can dream can't she? I know there are the novels and I am enjoying them very much but it's not the same is it?

Don't get me wrong. I like Enterprise and I love the cast. I like the premise too. I just wish there had been room for 24th century characters that I've grown to love and miss very much. Still, Enterprise has a great deal of potential. I can't wait to see the season finale and see where they will take us in season three.

I give this episode a B.

Gisele La Roche, About

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