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doll look so popular with teenage boys these days. But in the tradition of sci-fi from years back, it's nothing new I suppose and I do like to see sexuality on Trek. I loved the days of TOS with Kirk and his torn off shirts and I'm sure the guys liked the barely dressed ladies with the glued on dresses. My son who is 21 thinks that TOS had the sexiest babes although his favorite is DS9's Ezri. It also reminds me of a TNG scene although I forget which episode where a very sexy Deanna Troi and equally sexy Dr. Crusher are exercising in the gym. Sexy babes are a tradition on Star Trek.

I have no problem with it. In fact I love it and I'm glad that we get "some" beefcake a la TOS on Enterprise. However in this episode we get Phlox in the decon chamber. I'm sorry but he doesn't do anything for me in that regard. In fact, when Trip showed up to bring Phlox and T'Pol their dinner, I was hoping he would be trapped inside the decon chamber and have to undress. Ok, I know that that would have been too much but I would really like to see a sex farce on Enterprise one time and one time only just for the fun of it. We have some gorgeous men in this series and yes, I would love to see them shirtless in the gym once in a while for instance. I don't know if the hetero fellows out there would like it but they've had their Seven and they have their T'Pol. Fair is fair I say.

One thing that surprised me is that Phlox or as he said Denobulan men are shy when it comes to sex. This seems rather odd as he has seemed so free when it comes to sex in previous episodes. It was the last thing I expected coming from him. I didn't think he would take advantage of T'Pol but I found him being so reserved kind of odd.

As to the A-plot, it was a treat to see Robert O'Reilly (DS9's Gowron) as the other bounty hunter Kago-Darr. I really like how we're seeing several DS9 actors on this show. I hope we get to see Marc Alaimo sometime in the future and Andrew J. Robinson. Oh heck, I'd like to see all of the DS9 cast again. But I digress...

The bounty hunter, Skalaar, played by Jordan Lund was very engaging. I do hope we see him again. I liked the new makeup for the Tellarites. I found the TOS makeup too piggish and silly looking. Here they actually look unique as does the makeup for Kago-Darr which is no easy feat after so many years of alien makeup on Star Trek.

Other than that, I enjoyed the episode and it's worth watching at least once. I like how continuity is well-served here as we see a followup to Archer's escape from the Klingon jail. It's nice to have easy, brainless episodes sometimes to watch. But I hope that in the future they don't trivialize sexuality too much or use it simply for ratings. It would be refreshing to see sexuality actually explored on the show. "Cogenitor" is a prime example of how a mature approach to sex does work. Still, it makes me wonder how Vulcans coordinate their sexuality. Do Vulcan couples get Pon Farr together at the same time or how do they match things up? Are there any gay Vulcans?

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