"The Expanse"
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a shorter way home. Having a mission for Archer I think will add a new dimension to the storyline that so far has been a little too predictable much in the same manner as Voyager's.

The only thing I worry about is the fact that they've made this Expanse region SO dangerous. From the way Soval was talking it does seem like a suicide mission. I hope we do see how "dangerous" it is and that it doesn't end up being just another region of space. What made Voyager so superficial was the way the ship was always in pristine condition; the crew always well-dressed and neat with no apparent effect from being so far away from a Starfleet base or the Federation.

Lastly, I hope we get to see the new military crew members. I would hate for them to go the way of the Equinox crew on Voyager who literally disappeared after being introduced in favor of the Borg kids. DS9 had many recurring guest stars and it made for a rich storyline and complex character interaction. The addition of these new characters also confirms something I've wondered about in the past, Starfleet is not military. So what is Starfleet then? There are certainly many questions that need to be answered and I can't wait for Season 3 to begin.

I enjoyed this episode mainly because it surprised me. I wasn't expecting such changes to the storyline. I hope it won't be all resolved in Part II. I think an ongoing arc would be incredibly engaging provided that it is done realistically and not in the same manner as Voyager was. I thought the show had a lot of potential before and now I think it has even more.

I give this one a B+. The + for the excellent CGI work.

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