"The Xindi"
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Story by: Rick Berman and Brannon Braga
Teleplay by: Rick Berman and Brannon Braga
Directed by: Allan Kroeker

Synopsis followed by review:
The season three premiere opens with a scene depicting the Xindi Council. There we see representatives of the five species of Xindi discussing the weapon they plan to use to destroy Earth and the fact that an Earth ship has entered the Delphic Expanse. The insectoid-Xindi, who seems to be the most paranoid, suspects that more ships will come as it thinks it is an invasion. What appears to be the Xindi leader requests one of the species attending that he find out more about this Earth ship.

Having entered the Delphic Expanse, Archer and crew proceed to search for the Xindi homeworld. Archer receives information from a freighter captain that a Xindi can be found on a mining colony. Upon arriving, Archer and Reed take a shuttlepod to the planet and speak to the foreman who requests half a litre of liquid platinum as payment for letting Archer meet with the Xindi.

Archer returns to the planet but with Tucker this time. He meets with the Xindi and requests the coordinates to the Xindi homeworld. The alien demands to be freed as he tells Archer the miners are forced to work in the mines. T'Pol contacts Archer to tell him that three heavily armed warships are approaching Enterprise. Archer decides to leave but finds that he and Tucker are now prisoners. It seems the foreman is in the business of entrapping ships and their crews to replace the workers in the mines. The foreman contacts Enterprise and tells T'Pol that Archer will be a while returning to the ship. T'Pol suspects that something is wrong and tells Reed to prepare a plan to rescue Archer and Tucker. Major Hayes of the MACOs suggests to Reed that it would be better to leave Reed's men on the ship in case they are boarded and that Reed take Hayes' men instead to rescue Archer and Tucker.

The Xindi tells Archer that he knows a way out of the mines. They have to go through the sewers to get to an abandoned plasma duct. The foreman is told that the three have escaped and orders that plasma be re-routed through the conduit where the escapees are located. In the nick of time, Archer, Tucker and the Xindi enter a maintenance hatch before being killed by the plasma. Waiting for them there however are the foreman's henchmen. The foreman orders them to take Archer and the others to the surface and shoot them. Just then, Reed and the rescue team arrives to save them. A firefight takes place but Archer and the team escape. The Xindi dies from wounds he received in the firefight but manages to give Phlox the coordinates to the Xindi homeworld before dying.

Enterprise arrives at the location given by the Xindi only to find debris spread across 80 million kilometres. T'Pol suggests that it was originally a planet. Archer is furious but decides to venture further into the Expanse.

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