"The Xindi"
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Trip who has been having trouble sleeping and having nightmares about his sister for some time goes to see the doctor for help once again. Phlox tricks him into visiting T'Pol as he thinks Vulcan neuro-pressure techniques would be better for Trip than another hypospray.

Meanwhile, the Xindi Council is aware of what has happened. They know that Enterprise is headed for the Orassin Distortion Field. They decide to wait and see if Enterprise makes it through this part of the Expanse. The insectoid-Xindi warns that he will have the ship destroyed with or without the Council's approval if the weapon to destroy Earth isn't deployed soon.

The first thing I noticed was the change in the theme song for the show. It sounds nicer somehow but I wish they had changed it to an instrumental instead and perhaps made it more sci-fi-ish. I can see how this tune is going to get tiresome very quickly although I do like it at this point.

We get presented from the get-go in the teaser to the Xindi species. I have to say the CGI work is impressive no less as the insectoid-Xindi looked quite real along with the aquatic species. It's also refreshing to see non-humanoid aliens added to the mix.

This intro-scene was quite efficient in showing the differences between the species. The aquatic-Xindi and the humanoids seem to be more intellectual while the insectoids are downright paranoid and extreme. The reptilians have a decidedly evil persona while the furry ones seem to be more laid-back. But we do sense the urgency in their deliberations and how perplexed they are to have discovered an Earth ship being in their neck of the woods. The Insectoids see it as a prelude to an invasion while others see it as a coincidence. Having been told that humans are responsible for the destruction of the Xindi homeworld in the future, it's understandable that they would be alarmed by the humans' presence in the Expanse.

We also get to meet some of the MACO (Military Assault Command Operations) soldiers early on in the episode. Later we see a female soldier which we weren't introduced to and I hope we get to meet her too as she's quite the fighter. In this scene we see how Major Hayes (Steven Culp) is a no-nonsense type. He's itching to get on with things. One thing however, their uniforms look a bit odd what with the white splotches on them although the overall color is appropriate I guess.

We get a glimpse of the weird effects of the Expanse in a quick but effective short scene taking place in the cargo bay. It is mentioned that there have been other anomalies happening on the ship. It would have been nice to have a bit of humor here with perhaps a mention of what those previous anomalies were but humor was not to be found in this serious episode save for the T'Pol and Trip scenes.

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