"The Xindi"
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Speaking of T'Pol, she looks so much better in her new outfits and softer hairdo and unless I'm imagining things, she looked more Vulcan somehow. Nonetheless, it looks like Ms. Blalock will continue to be used as a sex object. Not that I mind much since Mr. Trinneer is also used in this manner here. They are both attractive and sexy so I'll admit I enjoy the odd sexy scenes with these two as they do have chemistry together. It's also fun to watch a somewhat innocent and reserved Mr. Tucker get put in highly sexual situations like this one. There's just something about the guy that just makes you want to, well, enough about that. Nonetheless, as much as I like sexiness in the show, too much of a good thing can become somewhat tawdry sooner than later if overdone. I still have yet to see more subtle and more mature approaches to sexuality although we did see some glimpses in the second season episode "Stigma" in the scenes with Dr. Phlox' wife and Trip. Double-entendres and suggestion are quite effective especially with actors like Trinneer and Blalock without such overt demonstrations of just how sexy they are. And I can't help but wonder how Vulcan neuro-pressure treatments will stop Trip from having nightmares.

Stephen McHattie did a great job as the sleazy, corrupt foreman. When he says to Archer with that smile: "I imagine you must have a very large crew.", let's just say you can't get creepier than this. Richard Lineback is also noteworthy as the hapless Kessick.

The action scenes were well done and this episode overall was well-paced and well-directed. I like that the fight scenes were a bit more realistic what with bones breaking and all. Unfortunately, this episode is nothing more than a standard, action-oriented sci-fi show however as nothing really original happens here. Still, it does set-up some interesting future storylines. The new alien threat is intriguing, the MACOs are a good addition, the main characters are changing and growing for the most part, the new command-center is interesting and all in all the show is looking good. But they'll have to come up with fresher ideas if the show is to survive. Caves sets HAVE TO GO. Archer being captured has to stop.

Nonetheless, I like the new, edgier Archer. He can fight for a change. Trip is as charming as ever although we are seeing the effects of his sister's death which is great. T'Pol is much improved in appearance and Phlox is as weird as ever. Reed is put-off by the MACOs but does come to appreciate them. I hope we see some ensemble shows as I'd like to see more Mayweather and Sato although not necessarily episodes devoted to them exclusively.

I give this one a B-.

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