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Story by: Mike Sussman
Teleplay by: Mike Sussman
Directed by: David Straiton

Synopsis followed by review:
While in the Expanse, Enterprise begins to suffer from anomalies that cripple the ship. Primary systems and weapons are offline and the crew must depend on emergency power. With only 1/4 impulse, they move along and come across a derelict ship. Archer, Reed and some MACO soldiers don their EVA suits and gravity boots and take a shuttlepod to the vessel. There they find several dead aliens and discover that the ship had been attacked.

Upon returning to Enterprise, Archer talks to Trip who tells him that he can't get a stable warp field. Meanwhile, an alien ship approaches and charges weapons. The aliens board Enterprise and begin to raid the ship. The crew fights back and the pirates beam off the ship and take off but one of the marauders is captured. Dr. Phlox has seen the species before and tells Archer the alien is an Osaarian. Later Trip tells Archer that the pirates took nearly all the food and all the anti-matter storage pods and that the anti-matter that's left won't last more than a month.

Archer interrogates the prisoner and finds out that Trellium-D is important as it helps to combat spatial distortions and their effects in the Expanse. The alien assumes that Archer and crew are new to the Expanse as they don't have the insulation. The pirate is disfigured and tells Archer it is the anomalies that caused it. The Ossarians entered the Expanse in search of trade routes as originally theirs was a merchant ship but they've been forced to raid other ships to survive. He tells Archer that ships that run aground due to the spatial distortions are "easy targets". Meanwhile, T'Pol has been studying the derelict ship's database and discovers that they found a way to trace the ion trail left by the pirates. They too wanted to find the marauders and get their stolen articles back.

Enterprise follows the ion trail and finds that there is a large gap between two trails. One trail is older than the other. They follow one of the trails and it takes them through a distortion field which it turns out is really a cloaking field. They exit it to find what appears to be a Dyson sphere but it is some sort of station where the pirates hide their loot. Archer, Reed, Mayweather and some MACO soldiers go by shuttlepod into the sphere. Within it are modules that have a breathable atmosphere. They find their stolen items and beam them to the Enterprise. Meanwhile, Mayweather finds what appears to be the cargo manifest. He sends it to Hoshi to translate.

T'Pol tells Archer that the sphere gives off large amounts of gravimetric energy and that this may be the cause of the anomalies. In the meantime Hoshi who has studied the cargo manifest discovers that the pirates have Xindi items stored in the sphere and as such must have downloaded the Xindi database. Archer then interrogates the Osaarian prisoner to get information about the Xindi and the access codes to the Osaarians database. Archer decides

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