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Story by: Andre Bormanis
Teleplay by: Andre Bormanis
Directed by: LeVar Burton

Synopsis followed by review:
An alien is chased by what seems to be hunters who are also alien. They catch up with their prey and proceed to burn him alive with what appears to be flame-throwers. Meanwhile, on Enterprise, Trip is still having trouble sleeping but the Vulcan-neuro pressure treatments he gets from T'Pol are working. We find him in T'Pol's quarters about to get another one when T'Pol is called to the Command Center.

Archer has been studying the Xindi database and has found the location of one of the places the Xindi visited before being attacked by the marauders in the previous episode. Arriving at the planet, scans reveal no humanoid lifeforms but locate a ship on the surface. Archer, T'Pol, Reed and Hoshi go by shuttlepod to the planet to investigate. There they find the charred remains of two aliens and a ship.

Reed starts feeling sick and gradually starts to transform into some sort of alien being. T'Pol also changes slightly but is for the most part unaffected. Hoshi and Archer also change. They all chase after T'Pol, capture her and carry her with them. Before this, T'Pol had managed to contact the ship to tell them that the Captain and the others had been altered. Trip and crew scan the planet but only a Vulcan is found and three aliens. Phlox suggests that this is what T'Pol must have meant when she contacted the ship to tell them Archer and the others had been changed. Meanwhile, T'Pol manages to convince Hoshi to let her have the universal translator and is thus able to communicate with Archer who now speaks an alien language as do the others.

Tucker and two MACO soldiers go to the planet in EVA suits and manage to take down the alien Reed. They take him back to the ship where Dr. Phlox determines that he has been infected by a mutagenic virus "apparently designed to rewrite the DNA of its host to transform the humanoid it infects into another species". T'Pol is virtually immune because of her Vulcan K cells which neutralize the pathogen. Phlox tells Trip he needs a sample of T'Pol's DNA if he is to develop an antivirus.

Two alien vessels intercept Enterprise and the captain tells Trip who is in command that they are in restricted space. He also tells Tucker that they have scanned the ship and know that there is a sick person with the virus on board and that they want to quarantine the ship. They tell Trip that they will board Enterprise and that the "infected organism must be eradicated". Trip tells the alien captain that he will talk to him and invites him to come to Enterprise but warns him that if they board the ship, they will "have one hell of a fight on their hands". When on board the alien captain tells Trip that the virus was engineered by a race called the Loque-eque and that due to something that happened in the past, the species became sterile. They created the mutagen to prevent their extinction as the mutagen alters species into their own.

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