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The captain tells Trip that they can't risk an epidemic.

On the planet, the altered Archer dreams of a city called Urquat. He and Hoshi want desperately to go to it. This urge to return to the city was built into the pathogen. Meanwhile, the alien ship launches a shuttlepod. Their intent is clear, to destroy those infected on the planet. The alien captain tells his men to capture the Vulcan female but kill the others.

The changed Archer and Hoshi along with T'Pol arrive at the city but find only ruins. The aliens arrive and find them. They surround them but just then Trip and the MACOs arrive, having beamed down and stun the alien soldiers. T'Pol convinces the altered Archer and Hoshi to go with them to Enterprise. Luckily, Phlox has developed a cure. The alien captain hails Enterprise and Archer, who is now almost back to normal, tells the captain that there is a cure and that he will share it with them. After they leave, Archer visits sickbay and tells Phlox to preserve the virus as it is the only remnant of the extinct species.

Firstly, I have to commend Levar Burton on his direction of this episode considering the material he had to work with. He manages to keep a good pace throughout and his direction of the actors is also noteworthy. I also have to praise Scott Bakula, Linda Park and Dominic Keating for their acting. How they were able to keep a straight face throughout all this is a wonder. Still they don't come off as ridiculously as one would expect from such characterization. Normally, I would have cringed at the squeaking and alien language spoken by the altered Archer, Reed and Hoshi but they manage to pull it off albeit it is embarrassing to watch at times.

I have mixed feelings about how this played out. On the one hand, I can't help but wonder how such a supposedly advanced species could be so ape-like in their behavior and yet have achieved what looked like an advanced civilization but at the same time I could see how it would take a while to adjust to such an abrupt change and so they wouldn't be so civilized in their behavior all at once.

And this brings up another problem, how easily Archer et al changed and how quickly they reverted back to normal. This kind of writing was acceptable in the TOS and TNG days but today is too simple and in the end way too predictable. That kind of quick and easy storytelling isn't believable anymore. Viewers will still suspend disbelief up to a point but not when it's been done before too many times.

The musical score (Velton Ray Bunch) is also noteworthy as it is original and fresh; the visual effects are good but not outstanding as we've seen this kind of thing before for instance when Archer metamorphoses into the alien species and the city scape looked rather fake. Still, the makeup was excellent.

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