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Story by: Paul Brown and Brent V. Friedman
Teleplay by: Brent V. Friedman and Chris Black
Directed by: Mike Vejar

Synopsis followed by review:
We find the Xindi council in a meeting where the discussion revolves around the weapon their scientist, Degra, is building to destroy Earth. He needs more time and the reptilian and insectoid Xindi want him to speed things up. He suggests that it may take months. The reptilians suggest that there are other options but as they have no idea of the physiology or anatomy of humans, the idea is discarded by the council.

Meanwhile, on Enterprise, T'Pol is giving Trip another neuro-pressure treatment to help him sleep. Trip mentions that people are talking about their nightly meetings in her quarters. T'Pol suggests that if they were indeed having a romantic relationship, it wouldn't be anyone's business but their own and that it doesn't bother her.

Archer is having dreams about the Loque-eque city, Urquat, and is itchy and it wakes him up. He goes to see Dr. Phlox who tells him it will take time for him to recover from the transformation he previously underwent and tells him to keep using the ointment he has concocted to treat it even though it has a strong smell. He tells Archer he's heard that they have found a source of Trellium-D. Archer tells him that on the Deuterium station they visited, a V'radian chemist claims to know how to synthesize it.

When they arrive at the planet where the chemist is located, Archer, Tucker and Reed take a shuttlepod to go see him. He has a shop in a marketplace there. He tells Archer that the Xindi were there a week ago and that he will tell Archer with which merchant they dealt with for a fee. Archer and Reed go looking for the merchant while Tucker stays behind to determine the price for the formula and the information on the Xindi. Archer and Reed meet up with the merchant who happens to be selling slaves. He won't tell Archer where the Xindi were headed when they left. Trip calls Archer to tell him he needs to return to the ship as he has made a deal with the chemist. Archer leaves to meet up with Tucker when one of the slaves runs after him and asks the captain to take her with them. Archer fights with the merchant but manages to escape with the woman.

On the Enterprise, Archer has Dr. Phlox examine the woman and the doctor determines she is in good health. The woman thanks Archer and tells him that she will serve him well. Archer then tells her that she is free to go and he will take her to her homeworld. He tells Phlox to set up quarters for her.

Trip and Malcolm return to the planet to pay the chemist. He tells Trip that they must follow the protocols to synthesize the liquid Trellium-D carefully as it is quite unstable in that state. On the ship, Archer is having dinner with Rajiin, the slave woman. He tells her: "to feel free to

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