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look around" the ship although some areas are restricted. Trip calls Archer to tell him they are set up to make the Trellium. Later, Rajiin visits Archer in his quarters to thank him. She appears to seduce him but in fact is taking scans of his body. After it is over, she is standing away from him and Archer doesn't seem to realize what's happened.

T'Pol and Trip proceed to synthesize the Trellium but fail and the lab explodes. They quit for the night but T'Pol tells Trip to come to her quarters later for a treatment. Meanwhile, Rajiin is roaming the ship. She meets up with Hoshi and tells her she is looking for the mess hall. They shake hands and as Hoshi is going there, takes her. It's not shown but most likely that Rajiin takes scans of Hoshi as well. When T'Pol settles down in her quarters she finds Rajiin there. The woman then tries to seduce T'Pol and takes scans but T'Pol resists and kicks her away. In the meantime, Trip shows up and when T'Pol doesn't answer the door, he goes in. He finds T'Pol on the floor and is hit on the head by Rajiin who escapes. Trip calls security.

Rajiin contacts someone and tells them she will use the transporter to get away and for them to be close enough to the ship. She meets up with a security guard and manages to get his phaser pistol. She tries to get to the transporter but is captured by Archer and the security team and is put in the brig. In sickbay, Phlox tells Archer that T'Pol's neuro-cortex has been disrupted but that she'll recover. Archer goes to the brig to interrogate Rajiin. He asks her who she was trying to contact. She tells him they will kill her if she tells him. He replies: "How do you know I won't do the same?" Reed calls Archer to tell him that two Xindi ships are approaching. Rajiin finally tells Archer that the Xindi want to build a bio-weapon and that they need information on humans to make it.

The Xindi ships attack and the aliens board the Enterprise. We see two of the Xindi species, the insectoids and the reptilians. After a firefight they manage to get Rajiin and escape. One of the reptilians dies and is left behind. Archer orders Mayweather to lay in a pursuit course but the ships disappear in what seems to be a vortex. Dr. Phlox tells Archer that the reptilian died because it had a suicide *gland* that contained a neuro-toxin. Archer wants the alien's weapon analyzed in order to find out how to defend against it.

Back at the Xindi council, the other species are angry with the reptilians. They think they are more vulnerable now as one of them was left behind on the ship. The reptilian Xindi tells them that the one that was captured is dead. Rajiin is brought in and shows scans of the humans. Now they have the information they need to build the bio-weapon. They decide to continue to build it and the other weapon as well.

There's lots of good continuity in this episode. T'Pol is still giving Trip treatments and we see one of the consequences of this in that people are talking. I still find it hard to believe that Trip isn't affected more than this by the treatments considering how intimate they are. Still, I'm glad it hasn't gone that way but part of me hopes it does and part of me hopes it doesn't. I like that there's no real way of telling how it's going to go so far and I'm ambivalent as to

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