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how it should go. Archer and crew are now looking to acquire Trellium-D as we found out in "Anomaly" that it is useful in preventing the anomalies that occur in the Expanse. I think it's a clever twist that there is a formula for it, that they can synthesize it rather than purchasing it as an ore and that it is not easy to do and dangerous. Archer is still recovering from the transformation he endured in "Extinction". It's amusing to see him get his hand slapped by Dr. Phlox as he can't help scratching. The fact that the ointment is smelly is also amusing. We see the Xindi council again discussing their progress on the weapon they are building although we still don't know that much about them. It's so refreshing to see continuity like this and a story-arc that is interesting and developing so well. Nonetheless, I hope we get to find out more substantial information on the Xindi. So far, they are somewhat two-dimensional.

I also like that Scott Bakula seems to be getting into his role of Captain Archer. The delivery of his lines is much smoother and has more conviction. Of course, his role and lines are meatier than they were in the beginning and as I suspected that's what was needed. I do have one concern however. In this episode, Archer is quite ready to help Rajiin escape slavery but in "Cogenitor" he was all over Trip for doing basically the same thing. In that episode, Charles had asked for sanctuary on the ship but Archer refused. In this episode, Rajiin asks for the same thing and he allows it. Granted, there are differences but in the end, the overall situation is the same. Both Charles and Rajiin are used for sex, have no life of their own, are slaves and have asked for sanctuary. What I don't like is that it makes the character of Archer inconsistent. Of course, there wouldn't have been a story without it but I hope we won't see too much of this in the future. The captain is the lead character and he has to be believable.

This episode reminded me of the original series a number of times. For one, we get to see some sexily-clad, alien babes. We also see the Captain getting seduced. How many times did we see Kirk getting seduced by some scantily-dressed alien woman? Of course this being 2003 and not the 60's, we get to see the alien babes' behinds although the mini-skirts in TOS came darn close to doing that too and we see not only the Captain being seduced but female crewmembers as well. The music in the scenes with Archer and Rajiin is also reminiscent of TOS. This is all good in my opinion in that the show is squarely aimed at an older audience much like TOS was and I like it and any reminder of TOS is fine by me. Some people might be a little squeamish at letting their kids watch the show what with quasi-lesbian scenes like we see in this episode but I say, it's about time the reality of the times be shown to kids as well as adults. It's not like we saw anything really unusual here. It's been done on shows like Buffy, the Vampire Slayer and many other prime-time shows as well when it's expected that kids are watching.

Regardless, it did bring up something interesting. When Rajiin seduces T'Pol, we see her resisting which is expected as T'Pol is Vulcan and controls her emotions. But when Rajiin encounters Hoshi, we don't see the ensign resist. We've seen Hoshi have a one-night stand with a male alien before so she is not a lesbian but is she bi-sexual? I find this very interesting indeed but I have mixed feelings in that I don't know if I'd want to see this again or find out anymore about Hoshi's sexual orientation, although to be honest, I guess I am curious nonetheless.

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