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doctor. Phlox can't decide on a name for the baby and seems very pleased with him. Archer however doesn't look so happy. The doctor decides to call the baby *Sim*. In his log he describe the quick growth of the baby. We see Hoshi and Phlox watch a much older Sim read a book. It's obvious he has Trip's memories.

Later Phlox tells Archer that Sim is starting to ask questions about his existence. Archer decides he should be the one to tell Sim why he was created. He takes him to his quarters and shows him Porthos. Sim notices the statue of Zephram Cochrane. Sim asks Archer if he always wanted to be a starship captain. Archer replies: "It's what I was meant to do." He takes him to a cargo bay where he let's him fly his toy ship. Sim asks more questions. They go to sickbay and Archer shows him Trip. He tells him that he is a clone and that there will be an operation as Trip needs something that is inside of him.

In his log, Archer says that the ship has been "incapacitated for seven days." Sim is now a teenager and helping T'Pol repair the engines in engineering. He asks her if she'd like to go see the movie they are showing that night or have dinner. T'Pol refuses as she is busy. Sim thinks that it is because he is different. Archer calls T'Pol and asks her to come to his ready room. When there, she tells him it will be another two weeks before the engines are repaired. Archer tells her that they need to get out of the field as soon as possible as the particles are causing a dia-magnetic effect that is creating a dampening field. In four days, it will shut-down all the systems on the ship.

Sim is now at Trip's age. He looks exactly like him. In the mess hall, Reed comes to sit with him. They talk and Trip tells him he has a plan to get them out of the field; that they could use the shuttlepods to tow the ship by generating enough momentum to get the ship moving.

Sim visits T'Pol in her quarters. He asks about his calculations. She thinks it may work. He tells her that Trip enjoyed the sessions they had together and that it was more than just because it was helping him sleep. Sim tells her he loves her and that he doesn't know if "these feelings are mine or his." He wanted to tell her while he has the chance.

Trip goes to see Archer to tell him he wants "to pilot one of the shuttlepods". Archer refuses as he can't take the chance of losing him. He needs him to save Trip. He tells Sim that Meaweather and Reed will pilot the shuttlepods.

The phase cannons have been set up in such a way as to shoot off the particles from the launch bay doors so they can open. With Sim's guidance, Travis and Malcolm manage to get the ship moving. Archer tells Sim: "Well done." Phlox tells Archer that Sim won't survive the operation. In sickbay, Sim says since he's going to die in five or six days anyway so it doesn't matter. He asks Phlox about Lysserian scientists and the experiments they did that would keep a clone alive longer than normal. Phlox says that there's no proof that it works. Sim suggests that maybe he could live a normal life span. As the ship moves out of the polaric

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