"Doctor's Orders"
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quarters and is about to put him under. Archer wants to speak but Phlox thinks he is going to protest. Finally, Archer gets a word in and tells him he has every confidence in the doctor.

Phlox continues to dictate the letter. He admits that he wasn't all that confident that he could do the job but the captain's words reassured him. We are back in the present. Phlox is checking on the ship and reports to Lucas that after two days everything "is running smoothly." Just then, Phlox hears a noise. He is in engineering. He calls out. No one answers. He tells Lucas that he'll be glad when he can re-awaken the crew in: "...two days, 16 hours and 43 minutes."

Phlox is jogging in the corridors with Porthos following him around. We see him later, naked, feeding his pets in Sick Bay. Of course, we don't see his *private parts* as they are cleverly hidden behind various things. He watches a movie while eating popcorn, "The Court Jester" starring Danny Kaye. He gives some popcorn to Porthos. He starts hearing noises again. He has the computer mute the sound. He goes to investigate. He calls to Porthos to follow him but the dog doesn't move. He picks him up and goes. He walks down a corridor. He talks to Porthos and tells him: " I should never have let Mr. Tucker talk me into watching "The Exorcist" last week". He hears another scraping sound. He calls out again. Porthos runs off. He chases him. He sees what is causing the noise. It is something venting steam onto a chain and it is rattling. He feels foolish. He hears another noise. It is T'Pol. Phlox complains about all the noises and compares the ship to a "haunted house." T'Pol asks if he is alright. He wants her to join him for the movie but she refuses. He then asks her to eat with him later. She agrees and leaves.

Phlox is in engineering and hears another noise. He sees someone or something running away on one of the top railings. He calls T'Pol on the intercom. He is not amused as he thinks she is playing "childish games." and asks what she was doing in engineering. She tells him that she is on the Bridge.

In the Galley, Phlox is preparing a Denobulan meal for him and T'Pol. He eats but oddly enough, she doesn't. He doesn't seem to notice. He talks about what happened in engineering. She asks if it may have been someone from the crew but he tells her everyone is in deep sedation except for her, him and Porthos. He tells her about Denobula and how they are a "sociable people." T'Pol replies: "It sounds fascinating." He admits that with no one around but the two of them, it is stressing him out. T'Pol tells him that it is the other way around for Vulcans. She says: "I found the last two days a welcome respite."

Back in Sick Bay, Phlox continues the letter. He tells Lucas that he'll be glad to return to Denobula once the mission is over. He checks on Captain Archer. He hears a noise again. He thinks he sees something outside the window; something on the hull and is scared. He contacts T'Pol.

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