"Doctor's Orders"
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On the Bridge, T'Pol shows him that there is nothing outside of the ship but the disturbance. She suggests he get some rest. He tells her he needs to finish his rounds.

A noticeably uneasy Phlox enters Hoshi's quarters. He sees a Xindi-Insectoid. It chases him and he runs. He sees the shadow of another one. When he gets a chance, he calls T'Pol and tells her the Xindi are on board. She tells him there is nothing on the sensors. He believes they are real. She asks how they could get on board. He gets a phaser and hands her one but she doesn't take it.

They go looking around the ship and find nothing. His tricorder scans a bio-sign. T'Pol tells him there are 80 lifesigns aboard not including his pets. He goes ahead looking anyway. Just then Porthos appears and Phlox shoots. Luckily he misses. T'Pol suggests that he is hallucinating. She reminds him that he told Hoshi once that for Denobulans under stress, hallucinating is a healthy way to relieve it. Phlox is insulted and insists he is "not seeing things." He tells her: "I intend to prove it." He leaves.

As he walks down the corridor, Ensign Sato calls him. He goes to her quarters. There he finds a disfigured Hoshi in the shower. She approaches him. He tries to get away and falls down where he sees Hoshi lying in bed and realizes he was hallucinating. He calls T'Pol and asks that she meet him in Sick Bay right away.

On his way, he meets up with Captain Archer. Archer tells him that T'Pol woke him; that she was concerned about the doctor. T'Pol shows up and Archer disappears, obviously another hallucination. Phlox tells her in Sick Bay that he has disruptions "deep within" his neo-cortex. He tells her he must put himself under. She protests that she doesn't have the "medical expertise." She tells him she can't watch the ship and crew by herself. He tells her they will be out of the disturbance in six hours. T'Pol tells him she is losing control of her emotions and can't function properly.

Phlox continues his letter to Dr. Lucas and says both he and T'Pol: "are relieved that our adventure is nearly over." He and T'Pol go to the Bridge to verify their location. He sees that they are still within the disturbance and tells T'Pol: "We should have been out of the disturbance a half hour ago." He checks the long range sensors. T'Pol tells him they are: "...nearly a quarter of a light year from the far edge." Phlox figures it will take ten weeks to get out of the disturbance.

Still on the Bridge, T'Pol tells Phlox that the disturbance must have expanded more rapidly than expected and that they have to go to warp to get out of it.

They go to engineering where Phlox asks T'Pol what to do. She tells him she can't focus and can't do it. Phlox replies: "I'm a physician, not an engineer!" She suggests he read on how to start the warp engines as the instructions are in the database. He asks her to close the

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